Aid to the Church in Burma

Burma, otherwise known as Myanmar, is located in South East Asia. It is bordered by India, China and Thailand; it has a population of almost 60 million people. The Columban Fathers, based at Dalgan Park in the Diocese of Meath, worked in Burma for many years.  More recently, the Diocese of Meath has supported the links which the Columbans fostered in the region.

Reaching out to the children of Burmese migrants

After the devastating tsunami in South East Asia on 26 December 2004, parishioners in the Diocese of Meath raised funds to help people in the region to rebuild their lives.  It was decided, after helping to meet some of the initial emergency needs, that support would be given to providing educational opportunities to children as part of a plan for long term development.

There are 10 primary schools in the Diocese of Meath twinned with 10 schools for Burmese migrant children.  Our local schools write to their friends on the other side of the world and they remain in contact with each other, sharing stories from their lives and learning from each other.  The sixth class children here also donate part of their Confirmation gifts to support the schools for the Burmese migrant children.  This enables the children to have books, pencils and lunches in their school days.  Click here for a report on the twinning project.

Providing education in remote areas

Following the visit of Bishop Michael Smith to Burma in 2009, it was agreed that the Diocese of Meath would assist with an educational project for young people in the Diocese of Banmaw, which is located in the north of Burma.  At present, there are 18 boarding houses for students, often from remote parts of the region, who are helped to attend State schools, given accommodation, food and additional tuition.  Thanks to this project, improvements have been made to the quality of the facilities and supervision provided by the Diocese of Banmaw.

Dealing with the consequences of conflict

In June 2011, life in northern Burma took a turn for the worst.  Hostilities erupted between the Government and the local Kachin Independence Organisation (KLO).  Reports from the Diocese of Banmaw tell us that some 40,000 civilians have become displaced in the area. The Catholic Church has been to the fore of providing humanitarian assistance in the face of this conflict and its consequences.  Camps for displaced families have been set up; basic food and medication is provided but much remains to be done and a lot of the good work accomplished during peace time has been set back.

The Diocese of Banmaw believes that the situation cannot be sustained; the number of displaced people is growing rapidly since November 2011.  There is an urgent need to set up temporary camps inside China as many people have crossed the border to flee from the conflict, leaving their families and livelihoods behind.  Click here for the latest report from the Diocese of Banmaw on the provision of emergency relief assistance.

Crisis in Syria

Pope Francis asks the Church and the international community to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Syria.  The numbers are staggering:

8.4m people in urgent need of urgent humanitarian aid
5.8m people forced to abandon their homes
1.8m people seeking shelter in neighbouring countries
Behind each of those figures are real people, people who have lost everything and urgently need your help.

Trócaire is helping to bring vital aid to the people who need it most.

We are working with local partners to provide food, shelter, clean water and other basic needs for women, children and men forced to flee their homes.

Already, over 190,000 Syrian refugees have benefited from our support.

But this crisis is deteriorating so rapidly that we are appealing for you to help us reach even more people.

100% of every donation received to our Syria emergency appeal will go directly to our response to this devastating crisis.

Click here to donate to Trocaire’s emergency appeal.

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